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Who we are & how we operate

Why are we here!

No one should pretend that setting up a business is easy and if a person is visually impaired, they are almost certainly going to encounter additional hurdles compared to someone with full sight. Many businesses do fail, but many of them succeed and the Blind Business Association Charitable Trust (BBACT) is here to ensure that anyone seeking its assistance will have every opportunity to be a success.

BBACT is a small, client lead national charity that has been in existence since 1994. We give positive and tangible support and encouragement to individuals who are either starting up or have already established their own business. Through advice, mentoring, seminars, conferences, need-orientated projects and a small grants fund, we aim to maximise the potential for long-term business success by utilising the wide-range of experience and knowledge of our partners and users. By doing this, we intend to help individuals of all ages and abilities, overcome the prospect of unemployment, achieving independence through their own skills, effort and enterprise.

BBACT’s services are free to anyone in the UK who is blind or partially sighted and we provide assistance from the earliest stages of business planning through our unique mentoring programme and follow-through with long-term peer-group support.

If you would like to talk directly to a BBACT representative in order to learn more about starting your own business or are interested in contacting other entrepreneurs, you can contact us by E-mailing us or by phoning  our local rate telephone help-line on: 08450450696.

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